The club's ethos is that players, members and volunteers can 'Change the world by doing what they love'.


Even if you turn up for one game, by paying your subs, part of that fee goes to good causes that benefit your community. By building new relationships, you can affect friendships and improve social mobility. By exercising to your limits, you improve your health and well-being. The actions you take can benefit you and your teammates.

The club has adopted "The Three Es" to establish a clear way of encapsulating the Wanderers Way. These are;

  1. Effort - we won't win matches if we don't try and that goes for success in life too, so we encourage everyone to try their best.

  2. Encouragement - teammates will only continue to demonstrate effort if you show your appreciation for everyone who pushes themselves to do more.

  3. Enjoyment - we want to make participating as fun as possible and that requires you to approach your involvement with the club with a positive mindset and ensure others have a good time too.

We should all work towards promoting and achieving these practices.

If this sounds like the kind of club you'd like to belong to, we'd love to hear from you.


Wanderers were formed in 1859, were founder members of the Football Association in 1863, won the first FA Cup in 1872, but folded in 1887. The club were reborn in 2009 and our new story is just beginning...



Wanderers must abide by the following Code of Conduct. Players who do not behave within these guidelines may be subject to penalties as determined by the coach / manager or Club Management Committee.


If you take part, it is assumed that you have read, understood and agreed to the following points;

  1. Plan how you will get to the game. Try your best to arrive 60 minutes before kick-off and make sure you have a Plan B.

  2. Be considerate of others when travelling to games. You are an ambassador for Wanderers as soon as you leave the house.

  3. Don't be late. If you are delayed, inform your coach or other club official by phone call, text or WhatsApp – do not rely on email or social media as they may not see it. If you are late, you may not start.

  4. Bring appropriate footwear and clean clothing to training and matches. If you dress right, you’ll play right.

  5. A Wanderer never, never, ever gives up! The expectations are in logical, chronological order but, if there was a 'Rule #1', this would be it.

  6. Treat the dressing room and pitch as if it were your own, i.e. no damage to property, all litter collected and placed in the appropriate bins.

  7. Show respect for the facilities & equipment. Players will be expected to help set up and clear away equipment, such as corner flags or nets, and to return any equipment they have borrowed.

  8. Trust your teammates and your coach(es). They all want to do the right thing by you and the club, but sometimes that's not possible. Constructive, thoughtful input is valued but moaning does not build a winning team.

  9. If you are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at training or matches, you will not be allowed to play. Drinking alcohol after a match is a different matter; socialising is part of the club and all are welcome but not pressured to participate.

  10. Jewellery must not be worn at matches or training for safety reasons. Please take it off and store it in a zipped pocket or give it to your coach to put in the First Aid Kit.

  11. Never argue with the decision of the referee or assistant referee. Abide by the rules of the game and accept the decision of the referee. Without the match officials, we can’t play. If you have a grievance, speak to your Captain.

  12. We all love a passionate player but please control your temper and use your energies for playing better football. Swearing, bullying and fighting on or off the pitch will not be tolerated. If you do it, you could be cautioned by the referee, which comes with financial penalties, suspended from playing or excluded from the club for very serious matters.

  13. At all times show respect to coach / manager, team mates, opponents and the match official, for without them you would not have a game. Treat all players as you would like to be treated. At the end of the match, all players must shake hands with their opposition team, referee and assistant referees. Wanderers has traditionally ended a match with three cheers for the opponents; please join in!

  14. Play competitively to win fairly, but be a humble winner and a gracious loser.

  15. Remember, a substitute or substituted player, when off the field of play, is still subject to the authority and the jurisdiction of the Referee. Even if you are a substitute, you are a crucial part of the match day squad and your team mates will expect you to encourage them and your coach / manager may ask you for your observations.