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The club's ethos is that players, members and volunteers can 'Change the world by doing what they love'.


Part of your Membership Subscription goes to good causes that benefit your community. By building new relationships, you can affect friendships and improve social mobility. By exercising to your limits, you improve your health and well-being. The actions you take can benefit you and your teammates.

The club has adopted "The Three Es" to encapsulate the Wanderers Way. These are;

  1. Effort - we won't win matches if we don't try and that goes for success in life too, so we encourage everyone to try their best.

  2. Encouragement - teammates will only continue to demonstrate effort if you show your appreciation for everyone who pushes themselves to do more.

  3. Enjoyment - we want to make participating as fun as possible and that requires you to approach your involvement with the club with a positive mindset and ensure others have a good time too.

We should all work towards promoting and achieving these practices.

If this sounds like the kind of club you'd like to belong to, we'd love to hear from you.

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