Wanderers has always been an international sort of club, even when that meant something very different.


The Victorian Wanderers' form of 'internationalism' meant that players from the British Isles were born or died overseas. Morton Betts died in Menton, France. EE Bowen was born in Ireland but died in France. The club's first goalscorer, AM Tebbut, died in Argentina. At least 8 players were born in India or Sri Lanka and roughly the same number passed away in Australia or the USA. Wanderers could boast full and pseudo-internationals for England, Wales and Scotland.


In the modern era, when international travel is more commonplace, we encourage players to take pictures of themselves wearing their Wanderers kit whenever they travel, as you can see in the gallery. We have also welcomed players from across the globe. Currently, the following 50+ nations* have been represented with the first player from that country in the modern era listed below, based on when they made their debut for one of the club's 11-a-side teams;


  • Côte d'Ivoire (Wens Kuwa)

  • Democratic Rep. of Congo (Jean-Claude Meta)

  • Egypt (Hossam Elabaire)

  • Ethiopia (Filimon Mulugeta)

  • Ghana (Daniel Dodoo)

  • Morocco (Yazid Djaidi)

  • Nigeria (Kingsley Ewere)

  • Sierra Leone (Abron Kargbo)

  • South Africa (Sean Hearn)

  • Zambia (Barak Ngoma)

  • Zimbabwe (Tom Rodriguez-Perez)


  • China (Luke Lu)

  • Hong Kong (Sai-Yung Ng)

  • Kurdistan (Zubir Bapi)

  • India (Abhilash Kasamemni)

  • Tibet (Chew Pulger)

  • Uzbekistan (Habib Mursumonov)


  • Grenada (Abou Sangare)

  • Jamaica (Alfie Rowlands-Rickelsford)

  • Trinidad & Tobago (Steve Grell)

  • United States (Theresa Robinson)


  • Australia (Jeff Podesta / Adam Wood)



  • Argentina (Ezequiel Pablo Robledo)

  • Brazil (Ariel Simonetti)

  • Chile (José Ignacio Concha)

  • Colombia (Brandon Lim Salazar)

  • Paraguay (Verushka Valenzuela)

* We have included some territories that may not be recognised nations as we think it's fair that players can self-determine their own nationality, in accordance with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, article 15.


  • Albania (Xhuliano Brigja)

  • Belgium (Gino Engels)

  • Bulgaria (Svilen Rangelov)

  • Catalunya (Xavi Galceran)

  • Corsica (Flo Brisson-Saulnier)

  • Cyprus (Mario Theodorou)

  • Czechia (Jan Jirmann)

  • Denmark (Janus Nielsen)

  • England (12 players in our 1st match since reforming)

  • France (Hugues Lepin)

  • Germany (Benjamin Maeurer)

  • Greece (Nico Kourmouzis)

  • Republic of Ireland (James Byrne)

  • Italy (Andrea Menè)

  • Latvia (Kaspars Tormanis)

  • Netherlands (Hanik Vohra)

  • Northern Ireland (Steve Bradley)

  • Norway (Erland Johansen)

  • Poland (Lukasz Olaczek)

  • Portugal (Luis Correa d'Almeida)

  • Romania (Gabriel Cirjan)

  • Russia (Maxim Meshkvichev)

  • Scotland (Bill Ritchie)

  • Spain (Mario Romero Leon)

  • Sweden (Mikael Froman)

  • Turkey (Cem Matur)

  • Wales (Ed James)