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As part of the Football Association's new Accreditation process, the club were required to produce a vision for the club. This provided us with a fantastic opportunity to assess our purpose, our goals for the future, and what steps would be required to achieve them.

In the course of creating this document, the Club Committee went through some reflective thinking on the club's identity and purpose.

We settled on the following overarching purpose;

To use football to make a positive impact in the communities we serve

This clearly states that the club's focus is on football as well as giving to our community, which has been our objective, in different ways, since reforming in 2009.

To feed into that, we decided that there needed to be four mindsets with their own objectives. These are;


To promote an idealistic vision of how football should be enjoyed.


To be guardians of the heritage of the Wanderers Club.


To raise funds which benefit causes chosen by club members.


To prepare every team & every player to perform to their best.

In doing this, we aim to establish clear expectations for the attitudes and mindsets we expect to see in players. For the coming season and beyond, our collective approach will be to put the interests of the club first.

The full document and a shorter snapshot are available to download below:

WFC Full Vision Document 2022-23
Download PDF • 922KB
WFC Vision Snapshot 2022-23
Download PDF • 268KB

The first step after having this document approved by the Club Committee and Amateur FA is to launch the Player Engagement Survey. Results from this consultation will be announced shortly.

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