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Groundwork begins!

Hello fans, friends, and family! The latest news about the new football pitch is that the top soil dressing was delivered last Friday and spread out, filling in the hollows and dips, today. There is some soil left to top up any of the newly laid stuff that might sink a little, especially as the hot weather opens up any cracks.

The next task is for the grounds repair team to let the seed grow before commencing with weed removal. So we hope for rain and sunshine over the next few weeks and expect to be able to instruct the site team to mark out the pitch in 6-12 weeks time, so, if everything goes to plan, we might be able to kick a ball on the new pitch around the 10th of August!

For the club, we will be hoping to work with more local people and organisations to ensure the site can be used to its maximum potential and that the message of Wanderers FC is spread as far and wide as the dressing! We want to recruit more players for the coming season, expand into our areas of provision - our new Legends team plays its first official match this coming Sunday - and create a new fanbase. Your continued support and commitment is truly appreciated.

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