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A Summer of comings and goings has meant some changes in the club management.

Chedee Alexander remains in charge for the Men's 1sts, having taken charge during the previous season, put on an extensive pre-season training calendar, and now has the opportunity to build a team around his own playing style.

The Men's 2nds are managed by Tom White, who has proved himself to be an invaluable asset to the club, bringing passion, humour, and experience to Wanderers. He has selected striker Pete Harris as his assistant who will offer support, new perspectives, and competitiveness to the team. They face the challenge of competing in a higher league this season, after two consecutive promotions.

The Men's Sundays are being managed by Flo Saulnier, who moves from the post of Women's Manager. Having that experience behind him, means Flo can bring new approaches to help newcomers find their feet and develop players tactical knowledge. Our Sunday team is a new venture and we are hopeful that it will provide more playing opportunities for those unable to commit to Saturdays, hoping to improve and progress, or returning from absences.

The Women's team was meant to be managed by Club Secretary Mark Wilson until a last minute opportunity to relocate. Instead, club legends, Evelin Pitisci and Jennifer Flippance, will form an interim management team. They will benefit from a growing squad facing the challenge of having been promoted, despite finishing bottom of the CWSFL.

The club hopes to attract additional personnel and interested volunteers are welcome to get in touch.

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