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New Men's Squad Numbers

Some surprises amidst familiar faces as the deck is reshuffled for the new season.

The new Men's squad numbers for the 2020-21 season have been announced.

As with previous years, players are allocated numbers across both the Men's 1sts and 2nds so that should players get called up there are no number clashes, as players are expected to buy their own personalised shirts. That does mean that nobody gets lumped with doing a squad's worth of laundry every week! From last year's 1st XI, Barak Ngoma retains his #1 spot, as does Tom Perez (#5) and Ryan O'Neill (#9). However, the majority of players who are playing in their second or third seasons, have been moved up to more prominent roles. Ebenezer Amissah (#59 > #7), Lorenzo Bing (#72 > #14), Johnny Lambert (#77 > #2), Lewis Sternberg (#63 > #8), and Tom Whittingham (#78 > #3), who were all instrumental in a promising campaign, have been rewarded with promotion from the 'ringer' shirts to their own numbers.

Other 1sts players, Noah Archer, Phil Edwards, Levi Hatchett, Nico Poblete, Pierro Rea, Tom Willis, and Elliot Winspear, have seen their numbers move up the list.

In the 2nds squad, it's more a case of keeping what you've got. James Rennoldson, Tim Bamigbade, Mark Wilson, Frankie Oldham, and Adam Chustecki retain their numbers from last season.

Key new additions to the squad will be the long-anticipated return of striker Phil Nduoyo (#23), Irish central-midfielder Niall Sheehy (#31), and midfielder James Reeves (#33), who was without a number last season.

Sadly, we see players who may not be available every week taking a step back from the team and who are now not allocated a permanent squad number so we are grateful to;

  • Ben Weston (102 competitive appearances with 2 league or cup goals and 24 friendly appearances over 5 seasons)

  • Nick Mendoza-Connell (83 competitive appearances and 15 friendlies with 2 goals in 6 seasons)

  • Adam Lakhani (51 competitive appearances with 5 goals and 13 friendlies with 1 goal in 3 seasons)

  • Jose Concha (38 competitive appearances with 1 goal and 9 friendlies in 2 seasons)

  • Steffen Backer-Rowley (23 competitive appearances with 2 goals and 2 friendlies with 1 goal in 2 seasons)

We want to show our appreciation for all that they've done for Wanderers and we hope there's a chance for them to add to their appearances in the future. So here's a photo of them each at their best.

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