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Wanderers launch support for local businesses hit by Coronavirus

The Coronavirus crisis has hit businesses hard and Wanderers appreciate that balancing the books can be a challenge. The club have come up with a strategy to reduce the operating costs for businesses whilst also generating much-needed investment for the club and local sports facilities.

Wanderers have recruited four companies who have generously offered to make donations to the club for every new client we can attract to them. For example, if a restaurant signed up with a new gas and electricity supplier, the supplier would pay Wanderers a fee - however, the restaurant would not pay any extra but could benefit from the positive association with the support of our investment in a new changing room. Our partners are able to provide businesses with a free quotation in the following areas:

(In 2019, the club raised over £10,000 to develop the playing field at Virgo Fidelis school, meaning we - as well as students from schools in the area - are now able to play on safe, quality pitches. A new changing block is the next step, and will enable us to host competitive matches of a higher standard) To find out if they're able to make you a saving, companies are invited to choose one of the following options:

  1. You already have a provider - Simply send a photo or scan of your last three bills to the club via email ( or WhatsApp (07800964228)

  2. You would like a quote for a new provider - Send an email to the same address with what they require and we will liaise with the partner, who will then contact them directly

Wanderers FC are also promising to promote any business who makes an enquiry on our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), where we regularly reach over 4,000 people per month.

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