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Revealed at last - Wanderers' stunning Limited Edition kit

Wanderers are pleased to share the club's exciting new Limited Edition kit, which uses the winning design from the recent Design Contest.

Designed by Italian, Giuseppe Bua, and manufactured by American company, Icarus, this eye-catching kit incorporates the 1870 Ordnance Survey map of Upper Norwood, West Norwood, and surrounding areas, focusing on our home ground in the middle of the chest.

The map is replicated in silver and a gold three-button collar adds a vintage touch, along with symbolising the three consecutive FA Cup wins between 1876 and 1878. The Wanderers badge is embroidered and the sleeves piqued with Wanderers traditional colours of gold, pink, and black.

Inside the collar are the map coordinates of the new pitch, which, with a little mathematical magic, round up to the number 5; symbolising the number of FA Cup wins the club achieved between 1872 and 1878.

On the front, bottom left, is a stylised GB in gold; the initials of the designer.

The rear is broken into 5 hoops for each FA Cup win and a printed, gold icon on the nape of the collar commemorates the club's 160th Anniversary with 1859 and 2019 printed either side of an image of the original FA Cup trophy. The left sleeve bears the FA Football For All emblem, reminding the wearer, teammates and supporters of the club's Charter Standard Status and desire to provide inclusive football for people of all backgrounds.

The shorts are white, the same colour as Forest - as Wanderers were originally known - wore between 1859 and 1864 but with the Wanderers colours in hoops around the hem and an embroidered modern Wanderers badge on the thigh.

The socks also draw inspiration from the original Wanderers colours.

There will be only 59 shirts available to purchase - either online via Footballkitbox or in person at matches. The release date is anticipated to be around the middle of September.

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