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We did it!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our crowdfunding campaign - we have achieved our fundraising goal! That means that we can convert a portion of the Virgo Fidelis playing fields into a football pitch. But the great news doesn't stop there...

We are now in the overfunding stage and have raised an additional £1200. Plus, a pledge from Virgo Fidelis of £1000 needs to be added to the total...

PLUS, a pledge from Crystal Palace and Upper Norwood counciller Stephen Mann, from his ward budget, of a further £1000 should be added later this month...

PLUS, we hope to have successfully attracted further investment from the Football Foundation... We have just two weeks left to get up to our stretch target, which will deliver additional facilities to the venue and ensure more people can play in a safe and beautiful environment. If we can ask one last thing from our amazing pledgers before Christmas, it is to share the page one last time and help us be 100% sure we can get to our final total.

Lastly, details of the project will continue to be shared here but, if you'd like to follow Wanderers too, please follow us on social media - we are on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as @wanderersafc

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