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Wanderers have penned an agreement with London Youth Sports Trust (LYST) to enable Men's Saturday matches to be held at the picturesque Griffin Sports Club in Dulwich.

The Griffin has recently undergone a significant renovation, with work continuing on the player surface until September 2023. The club house has been upgraded and looks fabulous already.

Whilst Wanderers have been extremely unfortunate with home grounds recently, The Griffin seems to meet all of the club's needs;

- A dedicated clubhouse has been missing from almost all previous home grounds (Prince George's Playing Fields; Virgo Fidelis; Belair Park), which demonstrates the club's desire to meet our Idealist goals for continuing to improve the matchday experience for players, volunteers, match officials, and opponents,

- The venue is operated by a charity, meeting our Altruist goals for supporting our local community. They will receive all pitch hire fees and reinvest them in the venue, which offers sporting opportunities for local children and adults,

- The playing surface will be one of the best in the area and will enable us to play the kind of football we really want to, helping us, we hope, to meet our goals to be Winners,

- Wanderers return to Dulwich, where we began our league football journey in 2011, and moving our Saturday Men's teams closer to our training venues, which helps us to meet our Guardian goals by strengthening local links to Wanderers.

Furthermore, Wanderers players will be volunteering after matchdays as part of the agreement with LYST. This should be widely welcomed by players, as volunteering was seen as one of the most popular ways our members wish to give back to their local community.

Other football teams hiring pitches at The Griffin include Roehampton FC, who our Men's 2s will meet in the Surrey South Eastern Combination Junior Division 4 West, and Albion FC, who our Men's Sundays lost in the Southern Sunday League Marcus Lipton Cup to last season. Other tenants include Lambeth Tigers, Dulwich Cricket Club, African Caribbean Cricket Association, Battersea Park Rangers, and Girls United.

Find out more about LYST here or follow them on Instagram.

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