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Coming soon; new Wanderers kit

The results of our new partnership with up and coming British sports brand, Hope + Glory, will be revealed on Monday 20th April at 12pm.

Having collaborated over the past few weeks, their hard work and eye for style has resulted in a series of different designs for the management team to consider. The final design for the men's home shirt will be revealed first, closely followed by the women's home shirt, and then, on Tuesday night, our outstanding new goalkeeper shirt.

Wanderers current kit expires at the start of the 2020-21 season and so a new design was needed. Fortunately, thanks to Hope + Glory's bespoke design, there will be clear benefits to players and supporters alike;

- Made from recycled material, the new shirts take on board our desire to reduce waste as much as possible - All kit items can be ordered online and pre-orders will be accepted after the reveal on Monday night - The time between click and delivery has been dramatically shortened by removing several steps in the logistic chain - Designed especially for Wanderers, emulating our unique style and heritage

Keep your eyes peeled over the next few days for further information and details on how to pre-order.

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